Home Staging Consultation

A pre-listing consultation is the first step to providing an individualized plan of action for staging a home. Whether the consultation is at the request of a real estate agent or from the seller themselves, this is a great opportunity to meet Kelley of Kelley Rogers Home Design to discuss the specific selling situation and needs for the home. At this time, a complete walk-through of the home will be performed to assess furniture and its placement, flow, clutter, light, color and accessories to make a list of any needed repairs and maintenance. Focal points and selling features will be identified and the next steps will be decided to complete home staging within designated timelines.

Home Staging

Kelley Rogers Home Design specializes in home staging for owner occupied homes and has been a key component of countless successful real estate transactions throughout Park City, Deer Valley and surrounding areas. Kelley’s method combines design expertise and knowledge of what buyer’s want to see, along with professional home staging strategies, to achieve a look that is tailored specifically to sell each home. The homeowner’s existing furniture and accessories will be used to the fullest extent, in creative ways, to showcase the home and attract potential buyers. Furniture will most likely be rearranged as correct placement encourages proper flow and spaciousness so buyers can visualize themselves living in the home. Distractions will be eliminated so the buyer’s attention will focus on the selling features and architectural details of each room. Recommendations and referral of resources for cleaning and maintenance will also be a component of home staging with Kelley Rogers Home Design because they know the value buyers place on a home that is “clean and move in ready”.

Color consult for home staging

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most economical improvements that a seller can do before listing their home on the market. Bold and trendy colors that once appealed to a homeowner’s specific taste, can actually work against the sale of a home. Kelley Rogers, of Kelley Rogers Home Design, can help in the selection of paint colors that will look great and appeal to the broadest range of buyers. In addition, the seller’s home will have that fresh and move-in ready look that buyers love.

Curb Appeal (Web appeal)

According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their home buying process. If your exterior does not impress or intrigue it can greatly decrease the chances of potential buyers request for viewing. Kelley Rogers Home Design will evaluate the home from a buyer’s perspective and make recommendations and suggestions to ensure that your home will make a great first impression.

Finishing Touches

Let Kelley Rogers Home Design help you add some finishing touches. Whether you need help placing furniture, adding new accessories, pillows, lamps or art, these finishing touches are what make a room special. Kelley Rogers Home Design is available to assist those moving in to a new home too!